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Become a Sarasota County Expert, Just Like the Locals

Use the Visit Sarasota App to find things to do, discover deals, and unlock the Beach Pass to earn exclusive prizes! 

Each time you travel, you want to know, “where do the locals go?” Regarding Sarasota County, Look no further than the Visit Sarasota App. Our team of trusted destination advisors have been around the block – and the beaches. In fact, they’ve stumbled across every City line just to find the best things to do during your vacation. So, while you’re in our town, will you choose to live like a local?

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Things to Do Guide and Events

Access the Things to Do Guide to learn about attractions, activities, restaurants and more with real-time maps. Whether you prefer active and outdoors or relaxed and luxurious, our Guide has the goods. And don’t get us started on where to eat… You might as well have a “taste” at them all!

There’s nothing quite like a local event. You meet vendors and other visitors; you go somewhere you might not have before; you truly get a sense of the destination’s community. So while you may not be around long enough to experience each occasion, be sure to check out our Event Calendar to fill you days with happenings you can only find on Florida's Gulf Coast.

Beach Pass

A guide to Sarasota from sea to shining sea! Sarasota County has 35+ miles of coastline offering a variety of beaches fit for each personality. Enjoy the water by swimming, boating, or something more adventurous like parasailing, and dig your toes into the different types of sand to activate vacation mode! Trust, when you’re this close to the Top Beach in the U.S., the sense of “ahhhh” really sinks in.  

Looking to make the most of your beach getaway? Opt into the Beach Pass Program to browse 20 of our favorite beaches. If you decide to indulge, be sure to check in! You’ll unlock levels and prizes that only Beach Pass Ambassadors are privy to! At the very least, you’ll have explored paradise and will take home the greatest treasure of all: the memory of Sarasota's 35 miles of coastline – and a few sunsets if you’re lucky!

Learn more about the Beach Pass here.

The Visit Sarasota App Beach Pass Program is sponsored by . When your unlock the Final Level of the Beach Pass, you are eligible to receive a custom-designed 24 oz. Tervis Tumbler water bottle, made locally in Sarasota County and worth $25!


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good deal? Especially when you’re on vacation and want to do everything and eat everywhere! Check out the Deals tab of the Visit Sarasota App to grab exclusive offers from area businesses so you can do more for less. Maybe you’ll find BOGO tickets to a performance or 20% off a restaurant tab… No matter what, you’ll find something you weren’t expecting, and it’ll be a pleasant – and wallet-friendly – surprise!

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