Visit Sarasota County Website Accessibility Statement

We at Visit Sarasota County are committed to making our services and products accessible to everyone. We are making continued improvements to our website to make it easier for persons with accessibility issues to use. We are also making every effort to meet evolving accessibility standards.

Here are a few of the best practices we keep in mind when making updates to our website:

Language Tagging

Each page on our website is compatible with language information-assist systems, including audible speak-back software and Braille translators. You can use these forms of information assistance on any page on our site.

Image Text & Tagging

We have added label tags on images throughout our website to make it easier for persons with visual or cognitive disabilities to find information on our site.

Web Accessibility Partner

We have a dedicated team at VSC who is working tirelessly to update content and design to be website accessible. Through third-party tools and apps, we are committed as a company to making sure our website is accessible to all.

Contact Visit Sarasota County with Your Accessibility Questions/Feedback

In order to increase accessibility to our services and products to everyone, we are committed to following the evolving standards for accessibility and will continue to improve our digital presence.

We at Visit Sarasota County believe in access to knowledge, no matter what sort of physical barrier a user may have. We will continue to design our website to be accessible to impaired users as they seek to navigate, understand, engage and interact with Please be aware that our efforts are ongoing. If you find that something on our website is not accessible, we welcome your concerns, questions, and suggestions. Please contact us at your earliest convenience using the support information below.

For assistance contact:

Visit Sarasota County

(941) 955-0991

[email protected]