Earn Prizes Using the Beach Pass

As you explore area beaches, unlock the Beach Pass to earn exclusive prizes!

The Sarasota Beach Pass

A guide to Sarasota from north to south! Sarasota County has 35+ miles of coastline offering a variety of beaches fit for each personality. Enjoy the water by swimming, boating, or something more adventurous like parasailing, and dig your toes into the different types of sand to activate vacation mode! Trust us, when you’re this close to the Top Beach in the U.S., the sense of “ahhhh” really sinks in.  

Looking to make the most of your beach getaway? Opt into the Sarasota Beach Pass to browse 20 of our favorite beaches. If you decide to indulge, be sure to check in! You’ll earn points and prizes that only Beach Pass Ambassadors are privy to! At the very least, you’ll have explored paradise and will take home the greatest treasure of all: the memory of Sarasota's 35 miles of coastline – and a few sunsets if you’re lucky!

Each check-in is worth 10 points and you can choose how to redeem. 10 points will get you a coupon to an area restaurant, 40 points will earn you a Sarasota Swag Bag and at 100 points you will receive an exclusive Sarasota Beach Pass Ambassador prize! This is a custom-designed 24 oz. Tervis** Tumbler water bottle, made locally in Sarasota County and worth $25! 

*While supplies last.


The Visit Sarasota County Beach Pass is sponsored by Tervis.