Guava donut from OfKors Bakery
Donuts from Der Dutchman in Sarasota's Pinecraft Amish community
The creative creations at Five-O Donut Co.
Peachey's Baking Company has perfected the glazed donut (Photo: Peachey's Baking Company)

Where to Find Delectable Donuts in Sarasota County

Several local joints are serving up a unique spin on the sweet treat, while others have taken the classic to a whole new level.

One of life’s greatest indulgences is dessert for breakfast, and few menu items are more fulfilling – or more simple – than the donut. From cake donuts to yeast donuts, bear claws to long Johns, we’ve sampled donuts from all over town and compiled a list of our very favorites.

RONC Donuts

With two Sarasota locations, RONC Donuts, NY Bagels, Sandwiches & Coffee is a donut lovers haven for the sweet and savory combined. Grab a cappuccino or latte and have your pick at the daily selection of fresh donuts, from glazed to sugared to sprinkled, in a variety of scrumptious flavors. The best part – if someone tagging along doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, there are plenty of savory bagel options at RONC to satisfy the craving for baked dough with a hole. 

Yummie's Donuts & BBQ

Angel Cream donuts and huge apple fritters are just the tip of the icing-berg at Yummie's Donuts & BBQ. Located in Venice,  Yummie's is locally revered for its sweet and savory mix of scratch-made donuts and slow-smoked pulled pork. Dessert lovers will be pleased to find an ever-changing menu selection of new specialty, gourmet donut flavors such as Creme Brulee Vanilla Custard and Guinness Stout.

Der Dutchman

Known for its hearty and traditional Amish family meals, Der Dutchman is home to one of the biggest buffets in town. In addition to their staggering buffet options, the restaurant also features a sizable bakery complete with cakes, pies, and our favorite, donuts! Their donut assortment features cake and yeast donuts as well as apple fritters and long Johns the length of your forearm. While each of their selections is stellar, we are particularly in love with their caramel long John with its cool and surprisingly light filling. Head over to the historic Pinecraft neighborhood to secure yours.

Five-O Donut Co.

Freeze! You have the right to remain silent and enjoy the creative selections at this cop-themed donut shop in downtown Sarasota. Playing off the age-old cliché of cops and donuts, this bakery opened its doors walking distance from the county courthouse and police station, and has been consistently enjoyed by civilians and law enforcement alike. They are cranking out the classics like glazed, sprinkle and chocolate-dipped, but truly shine with their specialty flavors. You’ll find cinnamon toast crunch, cherry cheesecake, cookie dough and cronuts, and that’s just the beginning of their crazy flavor combinations. These donuts are as photogenic as they are delicious, so head over for a social media share that will surely make your friends jealous.

OfKors Bakery

OfKors Bakery  offer standard yeast donuts with typical toppings, but it’s their brioche donuts that truly stand out. Made with rich and buttery brioche dough, each donut is piped with Bavarian cream and fruit fillings inside. They also feature atypical flavors like guava, peach, kiwi, and tiramisu. In addition to the fabulous fillings each donut is decorated with simple and dainty flourishes one would expect to find in a European bakery.


Grab a bag, box or basket of your favorite treat and hit the beach for a day of rest, relaxation and, of course, unadulterated indulgence!