Visit Sarasota County Speakers Bureau

We at Visit Sarasota County stand ready to speak to your group about a variety of topics. 

We are subject matter experts on topics ranging from all there is to see and do in the destination – to how to effectively market a destination.  Sample topics are listed below, but do not hesitate to reach out should you have customized needs. Contact Shantel Norman at [email protected] to schedule a Visit Sarasota County Staff Member to speak to your group.

  • Economic Impact from Tourism in Sarasota County
  • Research on Sarasota County Tourists
  • International travel trends and updates
  • Meeting and Convention Travel trends and updates
  • Destination weddings in Sarasota County
  • Things to do in Sarasota County
  • Media Strategies for destination marketing
  • Social Media to drive tourism
  • Public Relations and Earned Media to garner positive attention
  • Volunteering with Visit Sarasota County
  • Impact of Sports Events on our Community – Economic, health/wellness and social
  • The Process of Attracting and Hosting International Events
  • Niche Sports, Sarasota’s Hidden Treasures - highlighting local facilities and programs in lesser known sports
  • Unique Opportunities in Sports Volunteerism – discusses how to be more closely involved with programs/facilities and upcoming volunteer opportunities.
  • Sarasota, a High-Performance Training Mecca – discusses Sarasota’s role in pro and elite athlete training, and how it benefits our community

Our community is also busting at the seams with experts also happy to share information with your group.  These partners are listed below, along with area of expertise and contact information.

  • Destination travel, SouthWest FL Destination Insight, Leadership, Group and Incentive Travel, Management Training and Mindfulness/mediation in the work place. Contact Marc Van Dam, Ameniti Bay & Magnolia Pointe - [email protected] - 239-272-1477
  • Hospitality, Volunteering within your community/backyard, Relationship Building, Partnership Importance. Contact Asa Harris, Art Ovation Hotel - [email protected] - 813-417-1489
  • Activation of The Bay Park. Contact Jeannie Perales, The Bay Park Conservancy, Inc.  - [email protected] - 941-544-0822
  • Sarasota Area Real Estate Market /Current Beat Opportunities. Contact Susan Phelps, Berkshire Hathaway - [email protected] - 941-726-2227
  • Conservation. Animal Welfare. Contact Kay Rosaire, Big Cat Habitat - [email protected] - 941-350-6826
  • Sarasota History/Neighborhoods/Unique cultures such as Amish community, Circus community and the Arts. Female biz owner and entrepreneur in the hospitality/tourism/entertainment space. Contact Tammy Hauser, Discover Sarasota Tours - [email protected] - 612-578-0952
  • Sarasota County economy, business climate, economic forecast, geographic data. Contact Erin Silk, Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County - [email protected] - 941-302-0532
  • How to Maximize Vacation Rental Profits & Bookings in 2022 - Expanding your advertising, how to find reputable listing sites, simple tricks to attract more bookings, understanding guest expectations in 2022. Contact Nancy McAleer, Florida Rental By Owners - [email protected] - 877-735-2726 x-700
  • Local Business & Community Partnerships, Hospitality Industry, Government Relations. Contact Anne Rollings, Gecko's Hospitality Group - [email protected] - 404-547-4100
  • Sports Housing. Contact Tara Estaves, HBC Event Services - [email protected] - 941-222-1755
  • The history of what makes our community unique from a local girl since 1960 who has sailed with 40,000 guests three times the circumference of earth since returning home with her childhood sweetheart. “We are still a small town. We have just invited more people to play in the sand with us.”. Contact Jan Hamel Solomon, Key Sailing Charters - [email protected] - 941-346-7245
  • Families - How to Use Kivity 101 for Families that have just moved into the area. Contact Nikki Taylor, Kivity  - [email protected] - 941-587-9060 
  • Sea Turtle Nesting, Red Tide, Coral Reef Restoration, Mote Research - Mote Aquarium and new Mote Science Education Aquarium, shark and ray research and conservation, sea turtle nesting season and sea turtle rescue and rehab, Florida red tide overview and mitigation research, coral reef restoration. Contact Stephannie Kettle, Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium - [email protected] - 941-302-4997
  • Sports and economic development--Sports training, sporting events and programs contributes significantly to the region. Contact Lynn Hobeck Bates, Nathan Benderson Park - [email protected] - 941-358-7275
  • Varied - Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Career Education, Higher Education, et al. Contact Caitlyn Sanderson (Liaison), New College of Florida  - [email protected] - 941-487-4685
  • Employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities - We (Beaver Shriver and our amazing Rise & Nye's team members) speak to groups to bring awareness to our mission and to share the importance of providing a space to let abilities shine. Contact Beaver Shriver, Rise & Nye's  - [email protected] - 724-312-0824
  • Sarasota Opera - Its history and season. Contact Lana Mullen, Sarasota Opera - [email protected] - 941-328-1322
  • Hotel and Hospitality - Contact Dani Hohn and Lee Jennings, Siesta Key Beach Resort and Suites - [email protected] - 941-349-3211
  • Non-Profit Sector | Major Festivals and Events - Contact Lucy Nicandri, Suncoast Charities for Children - [email protected] - 941-706-3795
  • Green Business Practices - How to have green events and be more mindful of reducing your impact on the planet. Contact Alyson Zildjian, Zildjian Catering and Consulting - [email protected] - 617-834-8491
  • Transportation - services currently offered, industry trends, planning for the future. Contact Miranda Lansdale, Sarasota County Area Transit - [email protected] - 941-202-2294