Crows Nest Pie

Chef Brent Austin has been part of the Crow’s Nest team for almost a decade and has been in the restaurant industry since he was a teenager. With his extensive experience and knowledge in seafood and land fare, he brings a unique perspective on seafood and American Cuisine to the Crow’s Nest. He implements his values and skills into each and every dish across the menu and believes that although the culinary industry is always changing, the constant is that you get what you put into food... And at the Crow’s Nest he inserts his passion and love for the industry into every dish served so that the guests get a high-quality and scrumptious meal every time. When he’s not at the Crow’s Nest, you can probably find Chef Brent cooking at home, maybe testing out new and exciting recipes, or out on the town, experiencing the local cuisine and enjoying the community. Next time you’re in, make sure to say hi to our executive Chef Brent Austin.