Where to Find The Tastiest Toast in Sarasota

Toast has become a trendy foodie favorite, and these local restaurants are among those executing this simple mix the best along Florida's Gulf Coast®

From poke bowls to kale salads, and even ice cream tacos, one thing is certain, we love our food trends! Fun and fancy toasts are certainly not a brand new food trend, but they have shown staying power in the industry. Beyond a tasty food, they’ve even become a bit of a cultural sensation with op-eds about millennials and their avocado toast making headlines in the most respected papers across the country.

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a thick warm piece of toasted bread topped with their favorite flavors. Once just a lowly breakfast food, toast has crossed over into the lunch category and even appropriate for dinner. We’ve scoured the destination for some favorites.

Bon appetit!

The Overton

The hip and trendy open-air restaurant in the Rosemary District is brimming with toast options. From the clean flavors of smoked salmon and arugula to fried oysters and sweet peas, The Overton is all about creativity. For example, they once featured a spaghetti toast—that’s right spaghetti toast. A piece of bread piled high with spaghetti and meatballs, its a handheld Sunday night supper, ready for you any time of day. Pair your toast selection with a refreshing hibiscus tea on tap and enjoy the cold downtown vibes.

Lovely Square

Avocado lovers will fall for the menu at Lovely Square. This breakfast and lunch spot in the foodie haven of Gulf Gate is owned by Chef Serafin Garcia, a 20-year native of the South of France and which he mixes with a Spanish upbringing. The avocado combo will help you dip your toe into a traditional toast dish, but explore the menu further and you’ll find more delectable combos like bacon, egg, swiss and avocado on the Croissant B.E.L.A., the Salmon Fillet Burger or the Power Bowl substituting quinoa and avocado for the traditional toast.

Café Evergreen

Located in sleepy Nokomis just before crossing the bridge to the island of Venice, Café Evergreen is arguably the best-kept-secret in South Sarasota County. This family-owned staple is an area leader in healthy foods and drinks made fresh daily, and a menu tailored for customers who desire fresh ingredients for a healthy diet or food allergies. Clean eaters will appreciate the Raw Avocado Sliders on the appetizer menu which substitute a normal base with dehydrated onion bread for a fully health-conscious meal. If you want to ditch the base altogether, the Grilled Avocado Guacamole is a unique dish with visible grill marks on the avocado from where it was cooked for a little extra flavor.

Buttermilk Handcrafted Food

The keyword in Buttermilk’s name is handcrafted. From the moment you walk in the door, you can feel the loving handcrafted experience. The inviting ambience, the thoughtful menu and carefully made coffee all come from a place of love for the craft of feeding people. But we are here to talk toast, so let’s dive right in. Buttermilk features Sarasota’s most perfect avocado toast. Pillowy soft bread with rich avocados, bright oranges, bitter raddichio and crunchy peanuts, this dish hits every single flavor while maintaining balance. Everything about eating this toast is joyful, from the first to last bite.

Honorable Mentions


A Sarasota institution located in Pinecraft Village, Yoder’s is typically known for their truly epic pies. In addition to their famous dessert selections, Yoder’s serves traditional home cooking three meals a day, Monday through Saturday. Their breakfast menu is what attracted our eye for Sarasota’s top toasts with decadent French toasts served with a twist. Yoder’s offers two stuffed French toasts, including a raspberry version with cream cheese, as well as an apple fritter French toast made with homemade apple bread stuffed with cinnamon apples. If you’re a traditionalist, they’ve got you covered as well with classic French toast made with homemade bread and served with syrup. Grab a couple of friends and your appetite for these top toasts.

99 Bottles Taproom & Bottle Shop

Don’t let the name fool you: behind 34 rotating craft beer taps and 34 wines at 99 Bottles lies a delicious food menu anchored by the popular Bagel Brunch. This blossoming spot in downtown Sarasota swears by their “real deal NY bagels” shipped weekly and baked for customers on Saturdays. The pre-fixed bagel sandwiches have yet to make avocado a staple ingredient, but the salmon lox and cinnamon sugar cream cheese sandwiches will still tickle those tastebuds.


Lila is known for its healthy vegan and vegetarian menu, but just because you’re taking care of your body doesn’t mean you can have a little indulgence every once in a while. That’s where Lila’s ricotta toast comes to play. Served on a thick and toasty piece of of brioche, Lila scoops on a generous serving of their creamy house-made ricotta cheese and finishes it with the perfect berry jam. The buttery toast with the sweet cheese and tart jam make for the ideal treat on your cheat day.