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Hashtags Help Unite

VSC is encouraging all local businesses to take a unified approach to adding hashtags to social media sharing during COVID-19. Using popular hashtags on platforms like Instagram and Twitter can help you reach audiences looking for information about specific causes, regions, updates and other topics.

VSC is primarily continuing our branded #MySarasota hashtag on nearly all social media sharing, and adding #SuncoastCurbside and #SupportLocal to posts about dining and supporting partners respectively. We encourage partners to  adopt these tags and become advocates to other organizations and customers in our region to encourage a unified approach to sharing our updates and other messaging!

Check out these articles on how to improve your hashtag strategy, and the importance of hashtags.

Pitch Us on PitchUs

We are so impressed with how many of our partners are shifting to digital platforms in creative ways! Please don't hesitate to share your posts, photos, videos and other content ideas with us by using [email protected]. Pitches are being closely monitored by the multiple Brand Team members who receive these messages at VSC. Here are a few places some of your great ideas are already ending up in our own content:

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The Great American Takeout Social Media Campaign

From March 23-24, VSC dedicated 25 Instagram story posts to a national movement designed to drive customers to local restaurants still offering takeout services - #TheGreatAmericanTakeout. Over 18,800 users saw those story posts highlighting our dining partners working hard to feed locals, and hopefully the ones who weren't here to take advantage may have found a new restaurant to try during their next visit!

See what's live on our Instagram story today.