Tribute to Sarasota Beaches

Siesta Charms

Your angelic white sand

Feels like paradise in my hands

You capture my gaze

Without letting go

In the morning I lay

Under the shelter of your sapphire skies

As your whispering waves

Bring life to my soul

In the evening you lead me

Through a maze of wonder

To the point of rocks

Where I am free to explore

Such beauty when mixed with

Sunday drum circles

Dancing with the ones I love

As the crowd welcomes us

And your beauty extends to

The way your night winds blow

Your majestic moonlight

And your charming glow

North Jetty (Photo: Q Hillman)
North Jetty (Photo: Q Hillman)

Nokomis Travelers

You feel it as you watch the boats go by

You feel it when you sit at picnic tables under the shady trees

A sense that all your cares are gone

You are free

You hear it as you walk across the jetty

A wind so strong it carries a melody

You see it in the turquoise waters

That drift into the gulf

Where fishermen meet

It’s on the face of every traveler you pass by

Happiness and serenity

Being held together in these precious moments

And wishing they never had to leave

Memories Of Lido

As the sun sets it blazes fire

Across the cotton candy sky

With each step we admire

The miles of heavenly shoreline

There is no place more perfect than this

Even the sea life would agree

As every sailor catches a glimpse

Of dolphins soaring like they have wings

There is no place I would rather be

No place more serene or divine

With a calming breeze to awaken our senses

Engraving sweet memories into our minds

Lido (Photo: Q Hillman)
Lido (Photo: Q Hillman)

Englewood Dreams

When I want to lose myself in a daydream

As if walking on air

Or floating on in the clouds

I come here

When I want to be one with nature

Listen to the sweet song of the birds

Or watch sea turtles emerge

I come here

When I want to lose track of time

Find starfish at low tide

Or go boating and unwind

I come here

To this enchanting beach

Where my heart is at ease

And the peace that I seek



As day breaks

We follow the winding walkways

To the bottom of the stairs where we see

The prettiest shades of blue

Carrying shovels and buckets

We divide our time among the colorful seashells

Using our hands to memorize their texture

Only scraping the surface

We are guided by the light of the sun

Under the sand we seek

Shark teeth that once lay buried

Fine and opaque

We sit collecting what treasures we can

Then make our way towards the glistening ocean

Passing giant rocks that sit at the edge

As shorebirds linger overhead

We adjust our eyes as if they were cameras

Trying to capture the magnificence

Of views that take our breath away