Three Districts of Sarasota

Pockets of shopping and dining districts pepper Sarasota County, and visitors rarely have time to explore them all in one day. So, say you only have nine hours to devote to Sarasota district hopping. What would you do? Here is a sample guide. Spend three hours in Southside Village, Gulf Gate and the North Trail's Tamiami Cultural District, respectively, and hunt for gems.

Southside Village

Any afternoon or early evening in a Sarasota city calls for a fashion-forward ensemble, and RHA Boutique and Fifi's Consignment offer plenty of funky, boutique finds for women. Stay tuned for the opening of Perq Coffee Bar home of a selection of delicious gourmet coffee and coffee-related wares. For dinner, have pomegranate martinis and pork belly ribs at Libby's Café + Bar. Lunch in Southside with a buffet at Gateway to India and wash the exotic delicacies down with a craft beer at Legends Sports Pub.

Gulf Gate

Speaking of Southside's craft beer, Gulf Gate has its own enviable taps. There are 26 varieties on draft at Mr. Beery's, and craft ales intermingle with the sushi rolls and lychee sake at Kazu's 2.0.

Cuisine-wise, Veg has gluten-free and oil-free dishes for strict dieters, while Munchies 420 Café caters to the indulgent with Philly cheese steaks and apple pie bites. Embark on a mini international tour by purchasing a jar of lingonberry jam and a Kringle pastry at Scandinavian Gifts before exploring the rest of the Gulf Gate district.

North Trail's "Tamiami Cultural District"

Continue the passport-free global jaunt with Yummy House, where the dim sum is king, with items such as savory chive dumplings and sweet coconut red bean cake. Vegetarian specialties and gourmet quiches reign at Carr's Corner Café, rotating craft beer selections are always on tap at Growlers Pub and antipasto provides a light lunch at Rico's Pizzeria and Pasta House. Have pastries and cups of Joe at The Coffee Loft. Stop by the new Goodwill Superstore for some bargain clothes hunting before a settling into a seat at one of the numerous theatrical venues along the strip.