A couple explores one of Sarasota's beautiful beaches after some rainy weather.

Seasons of Sarasota County

No Matter the Season, the Weather is Always Great in Sarasota.


Rainy Season

The subtropical climate of Sarasota County provides an average annual rainfall of nearly 60 inches; more than enough to keep our tropical foliage vibrant and lush. Summer downpurs tend to occur in the early afternoon and have typically moved on by sunset. However, on occasion, they'll linger into the evening, illuminating the night sky with spectacular flashes of lightning. As captivating as these natural showcases are, it's best to view them from the safety of indoor structures.

Hurricane Season

June 1-Nov. 30
Even though the season lasts six months, the prime time for hurricanes in Southwest Florida is August through October. While predicting the likelyhood of a hurricane is nearly impossible, other than Hurricane Charley's damage to the lightly populated eastern section of the county in 2004, most years the area only sees a handful of small tropical storms. Being prepared is paramount. Regardless of how long you've called Florida home, always monitor state and local weather broadcasts.

Alligator Mating Season

Peaks in May
Many Floridians may never see an alligator outide of themeparks like Jungle Gardens. However, Alligators are found in most of Florida's ponds, streams, lakes and rivers. The height of alligator mating season is in May, when mature male gators often find their way into residential pools in search of female gators. They're plentiful and feisty this time of year, so give them plenty of space. Always stay clear of baby alligators, whose mothers are often close by. Never feed an alligator, and do not wade in waters that alligators are known to inhabit. Alligators are attracted to food sources by sound and may attack if they hear you thrashing about.