steve christie kicking a football
Photo: Steve Christie

Local View: Super Bowl Kicker Steve Christie

Steve Christie's NFL career includes time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and two Super Bowl appearances with the Buffalo Bills before an eventual move to Lakewood Ranch, Florida where he now resides with his wife and kids.

February 3, 2021

After a 15-year NFL career, Steve Christie chose to move his family to Lakewood Ranch where he now works and even coaches football at the local high school. Christie's accolades as an NFL kicker include:

  • Two Super Bowl appearances with the Buffalo Bills
  • The record for longest field goal in Super Bowl history (54 yards in 1994)
  • The record for longest field goal in Buffalo Bills history (59 yards)

We asked Christie for some of his recommendations after over four years living in the area.

What are some of your favorite views?

Christie says he still loves going to the local beaches and "usual hot spots" like St. Armands Circle, Siesta Key and others. But his favorite view is something he can see everyday from anywhere in the destination.

"One of my favorite views is looking down at my feet and realizing I can wear flip flops everyday. That is one of the best views ever."

What do you recommend to first-time visitors?

Christie says when friends and family visit the area, he often sends them to the longtime No. 1 beach in the U.S.—Siesta Key. However, when it's busy season, he admits he might let his guests go see it on their own and ask how it was.

"There are times, of course, we have no problem accompanying our guests."

Click the video above to learn Christie's "Buffalo-style" wing recipe

What is something you should have tried sooner?

Christie was an art major in college, and says both he and his wife still have an appreciation for museums and galleries. He says visiting The Ringling—a.k.a. the State Art Museum of Florida—has become a staple in his life.

"I think we waited too long to walk into The Ringling gallery. The museum is incredible... And what a beautiful setting."

What activities do you and the family enjoy now?

Christie says his daughter rode horses for a while, and even though she's moved on to other sports, it led the family to one of the unique amenities down the street from their Lakewood Ranch home: The Sarasota Polo Club.

"It's a fantastic sport when you see the pros play, it's really impressive. The horses are beautiful and usually the weather is fantastic."

How do you get your sports fix these days?

Christie and his wife will frequent a few sports bars in town that have Buffalo Bills roots, either in their menus or among the patrons.

But growing up in Canada makes Christie a hockey fan for life, and although his household is a bit divided when it comes to NHL allegiance, he admits they have all slowly become Tampa Bay Lightning fans.

"We have no problem driving up from Lakewood Ranch to watch [the Lightning] play."