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April 21, 2020


In Their Words: “We are lucky to live in such a beautiful paradise where sunsets are a party, palm trees are on parade and blue waters calm the mind. I’m the happiest with my toes in the sand and when the sun is shining. My photos are a celebration of all things sunny, happy and positive – and they’re right around the corner! I never want to take that for granted so I try to capture moments every day that make me smile and I love sharing them with the IG community.”


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In Their Words: “I’m originally from Arizona and have dabbled in photography since I was a teenager. I moved to Sarasota to be near the coast and little did I know that the change in scenery would rekindle my love for photography to a level I've never experienced before. It's no surprise that it was Sarasota County's beautiful beaches that originally drew me to the area and I love nothing more than sharing this paradise I now call my home through my photography.”



In Their Words: “[My page] focuses on bringing the beach as up close and personal as possible, with the hope of reaching landlocked people all over the world. I try to educate about all things beachy, highlighting shells and marine life. I love showing off all the local Gulf Coast Islands, especially around sunset. The beauty of the area is endless. Let’s Beach On!!!”



In Their Words: “My account is a reflection of my love for the outdoors and nature, especially as it is seen in our local area. I love to call myself a “nemophilist,” a haunter of the woods, and our area is perfect playground for that type, as you can move from the forest, to the mangroves, to the ocean, and experience many environments, in a very small area. It's all here. The photography I post on Instagram usually plays with coastal or inland themes, often a little minimalist, and rendered in lower perspectives. Sunsets and beach views may be considered a bit cliché, but that makes them no less beautiful!”



In Their Words: “My [account] began after moving to beautiful Sarasota in 2011. It came from the desire to share the rich local beauty of my new home. I love sharing the sunsets, wildlife, and surroundings of this beautiful city.  Subsequently, my soul was fed by amazing people from all over the world. In addition to the artistic outlet and “IG family” that I’ve found through this account, the best part has been joining together with other local artists at our quarterly ‘Instameets.’”


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In Their Words: “I love showing Sarasota! I remember the feeling I had when I first moved here 15 years ago - I wanted to do whatever I could to show the world Sarasota’s incredible beauty. Sarasota Experience social media pages were born and they gave me the opportunity to showcase the Sarasota area through video and photography. This hobby has turned into my passion very quickly!”


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In Their Words: “Aerial photography has become a unique perspective no matter what the subject matter. The City of Venice has many unique features that provide excellent content to promote the city and enhance the consumer base for the local economy and businesses. Aerial Photography is [different] and challenging as the technology continues to advance. “



In Their Words: “I've always loved nature and going on adventures. What really ignited my passion for photography was whale sharks. Two years in a row while fishing offshore I came across whale sharks. It was truly majestic. From then on I wanted to capture their beauty and share it. Today I'm capturing the beauty of Sarasota County, with the hope of sharing it with you.”


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In Their Words: “We love sharing the special little places throughout Sarasota County that make it one of the best places to live! We post our original content of beaches, parks, nature, architecture and the people that make it special to our account so followers can get a daily glimpse of what life is truly like here. We strive to share a realistic view of Sarasota that everyone can take part in and feel within their reach to experience. Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling...and we want everyone no matter where they live to feel like Sarasota is home!”



In Their Words: “Shark teeth, sunsets and miles of beach shore, Venice and Sarasota will keep you coming back for more! Let us—Shakti, Bella, Alessandra and Stefan—fill your West Coast Florida withdrawals with our local adventures and explorations. We love to post inspiring quotes, ‘punny’ phrases and travel inspiration for the whole family. We #LoveFL.”



In Their Words: “After leaving the cold, snow, and rain that is Columbus, Ohio, I soon got settled into my new normal in Florida. Hello, sunny, warm, and carefree days! Since I love photography, I wanted to share the fun places I’ve found, new foods I’ve tried and liked (including some awesome breweries), and my many water activities. Sarasota County has so much to offer, see, and do! Plan a visit and prepared to be wowed!”

Dylan Jon Wade Cox Photography

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In Their Words: “I am Florida born and raised so I have a true love for the beautiful diversity of this state. Sarasota seems to have it all: nature, beaches, wildlife, architecture, art, culture, music, food, theatre, etc. I think Sarasota really is a mini little Hollywood for art and film from Ringling to the Film Festivals, the west coast of Florida. I love SRQ!”

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