Sea turtle egg shells and sea whelk egg cases.

Can You Find? A Sarasota Scavenger Hunt

Keep the little ones – or the big ones – engaged and entertained with a Sarasota Scavenger Hunt. How many can they find? #MySarasota.

At the Beach

(Remember: If the creature is alive, please observe and enjoy, but handle carefully and return to its home safely)

  • Colorful lifeguard stands
  • A bird that can swim
  • Shark’s tooth
  • Sea whelk egg case
  • Sand dollar
  • Fighting conch (hint: you’ll find it with your toes)
  • Burrowing coquinas
  • A swimming mammal
  • A critter with a shell
  • Sea turtle egg shells
  • Bird of prey
  • A sand castle

Out and About

  • A statue of a sailor kissing a nurse
  • A pink house
  • A palm tree growing on a boat
  • A banyan tree with roots coming out of its branches
  • A picture of a clown
  • A male lizard (hint: the males have colorful dewlaps extending from their necks)
  • The big bridge
  • Someone driving a mini car
  • A bird’s nest
  • A palm tree with fronds longer than you
  • A sailboat

Bonus Item: The green flash as the sun sets