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LeBarge Tropical Cruises boat at sunset

When it comes to combining the beauty of the bay with the thrill of good company and great drinks, Sarasota's booze cruises deliver.

Sarasota's booze cruises offer a diverse range of experiences for every type of vacationer. Whether you're a history buff, a fine diner, a tiki bar hopper or simply looking for a good time on the water, these cruises promise memories long after you set sail.

SUP - Alligator Creek. Photo credit: Liz Sandburg

Simple solutions to fishing in Sarasota County – the where, the how, and the when to help land that prize catch.


Meet the Shark Brothers of North Port: Sean and Brooks Paxton

At a young age, brothers Sean and Brooks Paxton became enamored, actually obsessed, with sharks after watching the 1975 blockbuster movie JAWS. The film depicts a coastal New England town terrorized by a great white shark that is hunted down by a sheriff, a marine biologist and a crusty boat captain.