Feel at ease in Sarasota County

Learn about Visit Sarasota County and our new brand campaign that promotes our wonderful Florida Gulf Coast destination.

Visit Sarasota County is the official marketing entity and primary provider of visitor information in Sarasota County. To promote the destination, Visit Sarasota County must have a brand voice and message that helps set the destination apart from all other Florida coastal communities.

The brand process.

The brand encompasses symbols, images and video that describe Sarasota as well as non-tangible emotions and feelings that make visitors want to spend time here. Since our last rebrand in 2010, we’ve expanded into new markets, such as Baltimore, and added new venues, hotels and attractions, such as Nathan Benderson Park and Aloft.

To remain relevant in the face of competition, we use surveys, emotional-mapping, focus groups and other research to evaluate how best to serve our message to potential visitors. From August 2015 to September 2016, we conducted research in consumer markets, including New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C. Additional online surveys were used to help us understand what consumers thought and felt of our destination. 

Visit Sarasota County invited local residents and community partners to invest in this process through local focus groups and surveys. We strived to ensure the new brand not only appealed to out-of-area visitors but also conveyed and championed the desires and interests of local residents who live, work and play here.

“At Ease”

Research revealed that compared with other destinations, Sarasota is a place where visitors were welcomed and felt “at ease.” With that feeling in mind, Visit Sarasota County and the creative team at Miles Partnership created dozens of options and tested them with focus groups. The final product expresses the “at ease” emotion through soft and colorful imagery communicating relaxing, peaceful moments throughout the county. 

Multiple variations of the logo was created after research revealed one-size would not fit all. For example, Florida’s Gulf Coast tagline will be used internationally, whereas “Beaches and Beyond” will be used domestically. The blue-and-green color palette represents the vast water attractions and natural settings within Sarasota County.


The new logo, ads and messaging has been used in target markets since early fall 2016. Consumer response has been positive, and Visit Sarasota County is proud to officially unveil the new brand. 

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