Make It A Great Day Book Launch Party

September 30, 2019
September 30, 2019
I-75 La Quinta Inn and Suites
5931 Commercial Way
Sarasota, FL 34232
Make It A Great Day Book Launch Party
Make It A Great Day Book Launch Party

Just as we're launching the first Make It A Great Day book, I'm on a mission to gather the inspiring stories of parents and mentors for the next Make It A Great Day book.

The story behind the books is too scary to contemplate, but it has to be talked about.

The story is about the 3,000 teens, in the US, who attempt to kill themselves, every day.

Because we know that suicide is a silent killer, we believe that if we can #StartTheConversation, if we can get them talking, we can keep our teens here.

That's why I'm throwing you a party!

I'd like your help to stem the tide of teen suicide and the way I would like you to help is to participate in the Buy-One/Give-One program to get the first Make It A Great Day: The Choice Is Yours book into the hands of teens for free.

On Monday - please go to: and purchase one or more copies of the paperback book.

We'll match the number of books you buy and get them to teens on your behalf.

Then bring your receipt from Amazon, and you'll get into the party to meet the local authors, for FREE.

And come prepared to share your mentor stories.

Let's gather so many stories of inspiration that the shift will happen, and our teens will get that "Heaven doesn't need another angel; Heaven knows we need you here."

Lite snacks, beer & wine

Volunteers needed

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