Behind the Scenes at Nathan Benderson Park

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Nathan Benderson Park - a premiere rowing and recreation facility in Sarasota County. Join Michael and Travis Taaffe as they talk about their sport and what it means to have this facility in Sarasota.

Nathan Benderson Park, once nothing more than a lake beside a busy highway, is rapidly becoming a world-renowned rowing hot spot. The park has now hosted numerous regional and state rowing regattas, and in 2017 the park will fill with international guests for the World Rowing Championships.

The park spans 600 acres, 366 of which are occupied by lakes. Rowing events isn't the only activity at the park - other events and activities include canoe and kayaking, triathlons, camps, 5 and 10 kilometer runs, wake boarding, stand up paddle boarding and more.

"What's great about this park, is that it's designed to be a multisport facility," said Michael Taaffe.

Taafe and his son Travis are both avid rowers. For his day job,  Taaffe is an attorney at Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick. he is also is an announcer for rowing regattas at Benderson Park. His son has competed on a national stage.

"I see this location in the future as a destination for avid rowers ... They and their friends can fly down here, take a single out in the morning and go play golf in the afternoon, and really enjoy Sarasota," said Taaffe. "I see this as a destination spot for the average rower."

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