5 Chances to Get Out on the Water in Casey Key (Even if you don't own a boat)

Never fear, you're never boat-less on Casey Key

It's the first thing you'll notice when you visit Casey Key. The water is gorgeous. One glance and you'll imagine yourself sailing, paddling, catching big fish, but then you'll remember—you don't have a boat.

Never fear, you're never boat-less on Casey Key. In fact, the hardest part about getting out on the water here is deciding how you want to do it. Want to sit under the sails as you glide along the water? Fly above the boat in a parasail? Or take a unique sunset tour? You can do it all right here on Casey Key.

Take a Sunset Tour on a Jet Ski

When you're looking to appease your sense of adventure and your romantic side, sign up for a Cool Breeze jet ski sunset tour. Their guides will start by taking you along the mangroves as you speed along towards Roberts bay. Then, you'll travel up along Casey Key to see the sunset like you've never seen it before. Make sure to grab a waterproof camera before heading out. You're going to want pictures!

Rent a Stand Up Paddleboard or Parasail

Want to get in a little exercise while you're out on the water? Stand up paddleboarding is fun and relaxing way to work your core and your balance. Silent Sports Outfitters rents Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) at Blackburn Point. They also offer tours and rentals if you're not ready to go it alone.

Soar over the water in a parasail built for four: See the water from a seagull's point of view. Venice Parasailing will take you on a tour of Casey Key that you'll talk about for years to come. You and up to the three friends can try to spot manatees and dolphins as you glide above the water. For you adrenaline junkies, the captain will even give you a taste of free falling. Just ask!

Catch your Lunch

Let your fishing rod decide what you eat for lunch today. You could dine on cobia, snook, trout, kingfish, or red fish depending on the line you cast. You don't need anything but a healthy appetite and a little patience. Captain Paul LeBell of Git Charters can help you with all your fishing needs from boat rentals to gear to expertise.

Go Sailing

Don't just dream of sailing along the coast with the wind in your hair, make it happen. Sail Venice lets you create a trip around your needs. They'll even stop at Pops Bar and Grill, Marina Jacks, and Pelican Alley. There is nothing better than sailing to dinner. Located at Crow's Nest marina, Sail Venice also teaches sailing lessons for those of you who want to take your sailing adventure to the next level.

What are you waiting for?

The water is calling you. Get out and have some fun on Casey Key!