Second Annual Last Paddler Standing Race Returns to Nathan Benderson Park, December 2nd

The tournament, considered the “Premier Endurance Stand-Up Paddleboard Race”, returns to Sarasota County following last year’s 48-hour race.

In collaboration with event founder Greg Wingo, Visit Sarasota County announces the highly-anticipated return of the Last Paddler Standing race to the Nathan Benderson Park on December 2nd.

The race features 34 elite paddlers, widely recognized as some of the best endurance stand-up paddleboarders globally. The challenge is to complete a 3.33-mile loop within the hour, with any remaining time used for rest. At the top of the next hour, they must repeat the loop, with the distance increasing to 4.9 miles during the 49th hour, adding an extra layer to the mental challenge.

Last year, the race went on for an impressive 49 hours straight, and the Italian professional Paolo Marconi emerged as the victor. This year, the top eight paddlers from last year’s race are making a return, flying in from various corners of the globe, including the USA, UK, Switzerland, and Sweden. The participants, ranging from 13 to 60 years old, include a diverse mix of experience levels. This year’s tournament is open to anyone looking to test their personal limits, emphasizing the inclusive spirit of the competition.

Race Director Greg Wingo stated, “This event is about pushing boundaries and discovering the limits of human endurance. It’s not just a physical challenge but a mental one as well. Every participant, from the seasoned endurance race winners to the newcomers, contributes to the unique narrative of the race.”

The race’s unpredictability adds to its excitement, with no predetermined duration. It could conclude after a few hours or extend over multiple days. The entire event will be continuously live-streamed, allowing viewers worldwide to witness the intensity and drama unfold. Kristen Thomas and Mason Gravley, the dynamic commentary team from last year, will once again provide insightful commentary and bring racers onto the livestream after disqualification. Last year’s event drew significant attention, becoming the second most-watched SUP event on SUPRACER with an impressive 15,000 individual viewers.

Sponsors for this year’s event include Visit Sarasota County, Athletic Brewing Company, Yster Paddle Board, Mersey Craft Spirits, SUP Racer, Ridgeview Financial Planning, and Bành Phó.

Spectators are encouraged to attend free of charge, the only expense being a $10 parking charge at the venue. The race will kick off at 9am on Saturday, December 2nd. For those eager to witness this unparalleled competition, the live stream can be accessed at For more information about the event, schedule, and other details, please visit or follow along on Facebook at


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