Spending with the Heart in Sarasota County

Have a great time and support a local cause at these attractions dependent on donations and generosity

Suncoast Charities for Children

Did you know the driving force between two of Sarasota County’s signature annual festivals ­– the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix and Thunder by the Bay – is a charity? Suncoast Charities for Children produces these events and other free attractions throughout the year that generate revenue annually for the charity: July 4th and New Year’s Eve Bayfront Fireworks on Sarasota Bay, and the Holiday Boat Parade of Lights in Sarasota. That revenue becomes grant money for the construction, capital improvements and special projects for local non-profit agencies that provide services for children and adults with special needs. So the next time you want to watch powerboats zip across our beautiful beaches or experience an outdoor music and motorcycle festival, you can do so and donate to a local Sarasota charity. Tough right?

Donate to the Arts

One of the driving forces behind our thriving local arts community of both professional and world-renowned amateur organizations is the financial support of patrons. Locals and visitors who love to visit our theaters and galleries help show that love by donating to the organizations and artists behind those memorable experiences, helping feed a cycle of even more awe-inspiring shows. Can’t pick just one place to donate? Send some support to the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County to help benefit everyone!

Big Cat Habitat & Gulf Coast Sanctuary

The Big Cat Habitat & Gulf Coast Sanctuary is a nonprofit safe haven for all animals in need. Up close animal encounters with tigers, bears, lions and more may seem like an obvious thrill for animal lovers young and old, but what many don’t know is many of these inhabitants are rescued from various dangerous and life-threatening situations. Their pledge is “love, respect and sanctuary for life for all the 150+ animals” on their property. The mission is also to educate the public about current animal issues, foster appreciation and to stress the importance of habitat preservation. Experience a family friendly, up close adventure of the exotic kind, while donating to the continued care for the inhabitants.

Thrift Shopping for a Cause

SPARCC Treasure Chest is a charming thrift store in Sarasota that sells designer clothes, jewelry, shoes, home accessories and collectibles. All proceeds generated by the Treasure Chest help support the organization’s true goal of providing programs and services to victims of abuse. One of those services even means shopping for free in the store, so shoppers are encouraged to add their own donations to the thrift shop. If you like a treasure hunt for secondhand goods, this organization’s efforts should be at the top of the list for something money can’t buy: peace of mind.