Crab & Fin

Chef Troy J. Torman, of New Bedford Massachusetts, a community built on commercial fishing, is a classic story of someone starting from the bottom and climbing the ladder to become the Executive Chef here, at Crab & Fin. There was no conventional culinary schooling, only a true passion for food and a drive to learn and progress. Troy started acquiring his culinary skill set in 1996 by working closely with established chefs who were willing to take in & teach an eager young kid.

Chef Troy has accumulated an expansive knowledge of fish and crustaceans growing up in New Bedford, along with having a personal passion for fishing and the water here in Sarasota. This is clearly demonstrated through & representative of the product that we at Crab & Fin put forward. Troy stays excited about sourcing new food items and experimenting with new & different ingredients & preparations for our dishes in the everchanging culinary market & industry.

Team member since 2013