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Fall is in the air in Sarasota, and beyond the faint scent of salty sea breezes and pumpkin spice pancakes linger the distinct seasonal smells of—could that be hops, barley and malt? Sizzling bratwurst and barbecue? And do...
Beach Concession Stands and Pavilions
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In my book, snacks at the beach are an absolute must. I have fond memories from childhood, helping my mom pack our family cooler before heading to one of our favorite New England beaches. We always had olive loaf sandwiches...
The Ringling: “Eternal Offerings: Chinese Ritual Bronzes” from the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Photo courtesy of Ringling Museum
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Sarasota County is considered Florida’s Cultural Coast. Sarasota’s arts scene is the throbbing heart of this destination for visitors and residents alike. Get a sampling of the cultural activities that Sarasota County offers...
Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay gallery
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Good morning! It’s a beautiful day in Englewood, Florida. Wondering how to spend it? You’ve come to the right place! Here are our suggestions for what to see and do. Start off with a sweet treat at Abbe’s Lil’ Donut Nook (...
Salvage treasure in Sarasota County
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Browsing for second-hand items is a slice of Americana that we should all experience at least once in our lifetimes. Yard sales are great, but flea markets, swap meets and salvage shops bring the task of shopping for gently...
RIAF - From Zimbabwe comes Nobuntu, the acclaimed a cappella quintet
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Get a taste of the cultural activities that Sarasota County offers. Enjoy our September picks spanning theatre, music, modern dance, art galleries and more in this monthly round-up of events in the area. With so...