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Bonni's headshot - Head shot of Bonni London
Bonni's headshot - Head shot of Bonni London

Vacation Reality!!!

What you eat on vacation comes home with you!

Are you ready for a vacation experience that can leave you feeling and looking better while still enjoying your stay?

My name is Bonni London, I have been educating and inspiring individuals to take charge of their weight and health through diet and lifestyle choices for 25 years! There is one fact that has remained consistent, regularly making the right choices that support our goals is complicated, difficult, and even frustrating at times. This is especially true when you adopt the “vacation” mindset.

Working with a dietitian could be the impetus you need to stop wishing things were different to finally having things be different. This can be the beginning of great changes to come!

Changing your diet and lifestyle shouldn’t be traumatic! If you want to make any changes you make to your diet and lifestyle they need to be sustainable over the long term and yes even while on vacation. Imagine adopting diet and lifestyle behaviors that make you feel so good you will be motivated to continue them for life?

Don’t get drowned in the sea of information overload. Instead, go straight to an expert whose only job is to cypher through all the information and separate fact from fiction. Finally and most importantly, providing you with information you can use!

You don’t have to go it alone. Why recreate the wheel, when all the work has already been done for you?

Your customized plan will begin with food recommendations that are the culmination of latest research of how to achieve your specific goals. You will be provided details of not just what to eat and why, where to get the foods, how to prepare them when you get them home, suggestions for how to dine out, travel and attend social functions. Next, you will be guided on how to adjust your habits, including managing stress and self talk, taking control over sleep, incorporating the right exercise for optimum results in less time!

Start today and your future self will thank you!

I look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can work together to accomplish your nutrition, weight loss (or weight gain) and health goals!

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