Getting Around FAQ

Roundabouts offer several improvements over traditional, signalized intersections, including: reduced crashes, enhanced pedestrian safety, better vehicle flow and more! The City of Sarasota has implemented several single-land and multi-lane roundabouts over the past decade, and other parts of the county utilize these traffic patterns in leiu of stop signs and traffic lights.

Just like traveling through a traditional intersection, to safely navigate a roundabout you first need to know where you are going and slow down. From there, you pick your lane, yield to pedestrians & vehicles, enter the roundabout, and yield to pedestrians as you exit.

Please visit any of our Visitors Centers; locations, opening hours and contact information can be found here or view a selection of brochures online here.

The fastest way to travel to Key West from our area is with the Key West Express in Fort Myers or via air from Tampa International Airport. Driving from Sarasota to Key West will take about 7 hours. 

Driving distance (approximate mileage) for Tampa is 52 miles north; Orlando is 128 miles northeast; Fort Myers is 70 miles south; Naples is 107 miles south; Miami is 214 miles south. For additional searches use following website.

Many of our parks in Sarasota County are great options for hiking and biking enthusiasts. The Legacy Trail and Myakka River State Park are only two of many. We can provide County maps that focus on these activities at our Visitor Centers

Please visit our website for a detailed list of our beaches. Beach wheelchairs are available at Lido, Manasota, Nokomis, Siesta and Venice Beaches courtesy of Sarasota County Government. Call 941-861-5000 for more information or visit their website here.

We have several vendors offering different trolley tours, including historical, culinary and architectural tours.