Pedro Flores

Pedro moved to the states at the age of 16 where he lived with his family in Austin, Texas. His path to becoming a chef began at a Marriot where he worked part time in the kitchen and as a dishwasher. He apprenticed in the banquet kitchen under a Japanese chef, a master of ice sculpture, who passed down some of his skills. Pedro assisted in opening a large hotel in San Antonio as the sous chef. He then moved to Miami where he became executive chef with Rafael Manzano. They worked together for 6 years, making a great team. They moved to Sarasota to open up their concept, The Table, on Hillview Street. Chef Pedro is currently working at Phillippi Creek Village Oyster Bar and The Table Creekside for the last 6 years.
Chef Flores claims that his inspiration in the kitchen comes from his mother. He strives to recreate himself every day!

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