Mauro Maglione

(LA DOLCE VITA AUTHENTIC ITALIAN CUISINE) Chef Mauro Maglione was born in Napoli. Raised in Milano, when his parents moved from his own town.He went in Scuola Alberghiera in San Pellegrino Terme for his degree in 1979.But he started cooking since he was really young, many years of experience of cooking. He worked in a lot of important restaurant throughout Italy Milano, Napoli, Bergamo, Brescia, SardegnaOnly genuine ingredients. Fresh farm vegetables, fresh meat and fresh seafood.Choosing his on product every day. You can see him at the Farmer market looking for something special to prepare that same night.Fresh homemade bread, homemade pasta and homemade desserts You'll appreciate every single thing that he’ll prepare.And your palate wouldn’t said thank you enough.

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