Chef Serafin Garcia

(LOVELY SQUARE) It is with the desire to experience new endeavors abroad that I establish myself in Sarasota, FL early 2018 to be the Chef de Cuisine on the beautiful island of Siesta Key.

In July, due to the sale of the restaurant where I was working and finding myself in love with my new life in Florida, I decided it was time to bring my family over from France, my wife and our two beautiful girls, take on a new challenge and start over together as a family.

Very soon, we loved the local concept of Breakfast, and it became natural to honor this American food tradition so we decided to open our very own restaurant “LOVELY SQUARE – Breakfast & Lunch”.

In 20 years of career in the hospitality industry, I have worked and run French and Italians restaurants in my native South of France. I have also owned and operate for 10 years a fine dining Italian restaurant called “LA ROMANA” in my hometown of Hyères Les Palmiers.

My parents are from Spain, and early in my childhood, my mother pass me her love for the traditional home-style Spanish cuisine and her sense of hospitality.

Now, I feel it is my turn to give back the love I have for hospitality and it is time to cook for you, bringing together all the influences and recipes I have learned over the years, using fresh local produces to get the best daily specials, and let you enjoy my passion for cooking and also my love for bakeries and pastries.

My lovely wife, Albane, and I have been working together as a great duo for the past 10 years, a great complementary where she runs the front of house while I am in charge of the back and the cooking. Who knows, maybe soon our adorable daughters will also join us to share with you our love of hospitality.