Chef Scott Harrison

(THE ROSEMARY) Where are you from originally and what brought you to Sarasota? CHEF SCOTT: Atlantic Islands, New Jersey. My father retired to Venice and I fell in love when I visited. I moved down about 6 months later and I’ve been here ever since. What’s your Education? CHEF SCOTT: I first began as a dishwasher at the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club and later, started working at bakeries in the summer. My first chef job in Sarasota was at Cafe La Rendezvous. What is your favorite food to cook? CHEF SCOTT: Provincial French food is my passion and my absolute favorite to cook. I try to make time every summer to travel so I can grow my palate and stay up to date with the best local french dishes. At the Rosemary, I love coming up with specials and playing around with the dishes. Where have you worked locally? CHEF SCOTT: The Plantation Country Club in Venice, FL; The Meadows Country Club; The Waterside Room. What is one thing you want guests to know? CHEF SCOTT: I am more than willing to work with you on a meal. If you have allergies, dietary restrictions, or more, please ask your server to bring me out and we can discuss exactly what you need in more detail. I am able to adapt or create most dishes on the spot, so let me know if you have a concern.

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