Chef Nils Tarantik

(ELEMENT, and DUVAL'S. FRESH. LOCAL. SEAFOOD) Chef Nils Tarantik grew up absorbing diverse cultural backgrounds—born in Enfield, England to a Swedish mother and German father that encouraged him to taste and enjoy the culinary dishes of the world. Growing up watching both his Mormor (grandmother) and mother in awe as they created European classics, he was exposed to novelty cooking styles and embraced various worldly flavors/cuisine. Their motto: "Try it once, and then you can say you don’t like it."After attending Johnson & Wales University and then working for several years, Chef Nils joined the team at Duval’s Fresh. Local. Seafood. at the end of 2012. The man’s been staying busy and heating up multiple kitchens around town ever since—having developed and expanded the menu at Duval’s, while maintaining the focus of sourcing local produce and fish from our region. And most recently, he jumped on the opportunity to expand with his partners of American Dreams Restaurant Group, by hungrily adding PBn’T and then Element to their diverse portfolio.Being able to switch hats from a casual hangout for pizza, burgers and tacos, to the upscale dining of a fresh-only fish house and a modern Mediterranean grill only emphasizes how multifaceted this versatile flame thrower is.

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