Chef Kyle Harrington

His love of cooking started with his mother Patricia. At an early age his mother had him on the kitchen counter helping with family dinners and baking delicious treats! At the age of fourteen Chef Kyle started working in kitchens as a dishwasher. Watching the Chefs on the line he was amazed at the flow and precision the chef worked with. He took a big interest in food and began to work his way up in the restaurant. At the age of nineteen Chef Kyle moved to Boca Grande, Fl to take an apprenticeship job at the Gasparilla Inn. Where he trained under Chef Alfons Worcester and cooked for families such as the Bushes and the Duponts. Traveling was the next step in advancing his craft. Visiting Europe, South America, and Asia he worked with Chefs learning different techniques and cuisines. Chef Kyle would soon find a home in Sarasota Florida where he started running and opening restaurants.Recently Chef Kyle met Richard Carney and his amazing Family and knew he had found more than just an opportunity. He had found a home! Chef Kyle prides himself on fresh ingredients and tries to source as much as he can locally to provide an amazing dining experience!

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