Chef Effie Tsakiris

(BLU KOUZINA) Effie Tsakiris is the executive chef and the visionary behind Blu Kouzina. Effie was born in South Africa and is of Greek Origin & has lived in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. Her world-wide travels have led her to have not only culinary knowledge of Greece but all other cuisines/countries as well.

Blu Kouzina started off as a full-on passion project. One of the Hidden Gems to all of this is the Family's' Love, Respect and Passion it has for its Olive Oil Estate in Greece , the Root of it all "Green Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil". The Understanding of Harvesting and Maintaining Olive Groves was and is the Inspiration to Blu's approach to Food.

The motivation to start Blu was brought about by Effie's dream to open up a restaurant coupled with her psychological approach to food. Effie has always had a lifelong passion for food, and continuously fed her passion by cooking amazing meals for her family, as well as hosting weekly events at her home for guests.
While her husband Dennis was part of the corporate world, he would constantly be traveling every week, and whenever he would be back home in Singapore, he would never want to leave the house, which led Effie and Dennis to always invite friends over. As a result of that, Effie would always wind up cooking a feast for everyone. This progressed to the point where some of Dennis's colleagues would ask if Dennis and Effie could host events at their house, and have Effie cook, coupled with creating an ambiance for them. Once Effie realized the success of this small "project" she finally got the courage to embark on her own dream of opening up her own restaurant back in October 2010.
Due to the success in Singapore Effie embarked to open a Blu Kouzina Restaurant also in Sarasota, Florida USA at the famous ST Armand's Circle. The Rodeo Drive of West Coast Florida.

Further she has been the Full Contributor to the Successful Launch of VIOS in Singapore, a Grain Bowl Concept, based on the Mediterranean Diet, that has led to four stores/kitchens opening within twelve months of its Launch.

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