Chef Dino Carta

Dino Carta began his love affair with food and its preparation in the Sardinian kitchen of his mother and father. To this day food is a passion and evokes happy memories of family.  He attended culinary school in Sassari Sardinia. His apprenticeship took him to Tuscany in northern Italy and work in the kitchen at the famous Emerald Coast. He still adheres to the Italian philosophy of cooking where regional food is of great import. Simple, healthy, fresh and pure of taste are how he likes to prepare food.
Dino has always been driven to grow as a chef. He moved to Paris where he was the Commis at Il Cortile for one year. It was then his great fortune to work as Commis for Alberigo Penati at the world famous Harri’s Bar, in London. Dino considers Alberigo Penati “his chef.” It was this experience that cemented his respect for people and food.
Mr. Carta’s reputation as a world-class chef was growing. In 1997 he was asked to come to the United States to become the Chef at Mediterraneo restaurant in Sarasota, Florida. In   2001 he took charge, for one year, of the kitchen at Divino restaurant. Having restored the kitchen operation, he then moved to Café Epicure in 2003. In 2006 his dream was to come true.
In this year he became partner and chef in his own restaurant. Café Americano. Café Americano was at startup business. It was also during this period that Mr Carta proudly became an American citizen. After 6 years of success Café Americano was sold in 2012.