Chef Bryan Aye

Chef Bryan Aye', known as Hein' at Pacific Rim, is a self-taught itamae (expert sushi chef). He has spent the last 15 years meticulously perfecting his skill. Hein' hails from Burma and immigrated to the US when he was 18. Bryan has always dreamed of becoming a sushi chef, he loves the creativity, "it's fun and good for the soul" he says. He enjoys the many rituals that help him to relax and lose himself in his work. He has a passion for his craft and it shows, if you look around the restaurant you will notice the little touches on every sushi dish that make the plates at Pacific Rim more art than food. On any given night you can find him making unique nigiri, sashimi or maki for his guests. Don't be shy, come by the Rim, sit at the sushi bar and ask Chef Hein' to make you something special. 

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