Charles W. Amherst

(CHAZ 51 BISTRO) Growing up, Charles Amherst had dreams of being an architect, studying abroad and owning the world’s most prestigious architectural firm, with offices throughout the world. So, he migrated to South Florida. There he went to school, worked in a restaurant and found his new passion. With eagerness to learn and strong work ethics, young Charles became Executive Chef. And with self-motivation, determination and a love of his craft, he soon became Regional Chef for one of America’s favorite fine dining establishments. He thrived there for 25 years, yet his wish to own his own, empire could not stop nagging at him. In April of 2015, Charles and his wife Andrea purchased Knights Trail Café, a small blue-collar, diner style restaurant enjoyed by the local residents. They re-named it to Chaz 51 Café & Coffeehouse. But a café was not what Charles had in mind, so two years later, he let go of the "Café" concept, followed his heart, and changed the name to Chaz 51 Bistro. Although the location was not ideal, he knew that his passion and attention to detail would call out to foodies everywhere. FUN FACT: The name Chaz51 comes from the Chef/Owner’s nickname "Chaz" short for Charles. The number has an interesting twist. Chaz51 is a family ran business he wanted to incorporate the family into the restaurant name. they added all the ages of the family members involved and divided that number by five (the number of family members) giving them 51. And there you have it Chaz51 Bistro the rest is history.

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