BS Bonfire: Letting go of Limiting Beliefs

October 14, 2018
October 14, 2018
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Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness
There’s saying that goes “If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become truth for you.” ~Louise Hay Are limiting beliefs holding you back so that you can’t seem to find clarity in your life? Are you tired of the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around and are ready to let it go? Are you feeling stuck and can’t seem to move forward with goals or intentions? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then a Bullsh*t Bonfire is the perfect start to you moving forward onto the abundant life you deserve and being the creator of your own story! What is the BS Bonfire? It begins with a meditation where we will dive deep into ourselves to discover all the bullshit we carry inside, all the self-limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck from living a new beautiful abundant life that allows our light to fully shine. In this session, you will then have an opportunity to let go and write down all that bs, those beliefs, stories or wounds that you have been carrying, through words and phrases that come up for you personally (these will remain private to you) After we have had a chance to express our thoughts, we will each have a chance affirm that our beliefs are not truths, then come up with a new belief to replace it and commit to taking a different action. We will then tear up all that BS, and burn it up outside! Burning is a symbol that releases all of those stories you had been carrying around with you and allows you to feel renewed to re-create. As the fire burns, we can share and meditate on how the fire in return gives us the clarity, light and warmth we need to move forward in creating new truths that give us energy, joy and light. I looking forward to you joining us in creating a life that will fill you with clarity and joy! Much Love, Nancy Pay $20 at the event, cash or check only. All materials provided. If you have any questions please email [email protected] ____________________ As a certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, Nancy helps others find a balance between nourishing their bodies, their soul and their lifestyle. Her coaching has helped many others learn how they can obtain a life balance that aligns who they truly are. She teaches that by incorporating both wholesome foods, movement and mindfulness practices, it transforms into an abundant life full of health, joy and clarity. Learn more at or follow on IG at
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