Sushi at Pacific Rim comes in many delicious varieties.

Sushi being prepared at Pacific Rim

Trippin' With Joey: Sushi in Sarasota County

For sushi lovers, Sarasota County has a great mix of casual and upscale dining options, with many featuring local flair on popular items. To get a better understanding of the breadth of sushi options, Joey Panek stops by Pacific Rim, located in the Hillview neighborhood, and Fins at Sharky's, located in Venice.

While both places feature some excellent sushi, Fins at Sharky's also features a menu of other dining options, which may please patrons who would prefer to pass on the Japanese cuisine.

Trippin' with Joey: Fins at Sharky's:


Pacific Rim on the other hand, is a sushi lovers paradise. The Love Boat for two is an excellent shared dinner. Learn how to make a california roll from Pacific Rim in this episode of Trippin' With Joey.

Trippin' With Joey: Pacific Rim:


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