Savor Sarasota Trends: Small plates, South American food and wine

In this Savor Sarasota Trends video, Kristine Nickel is joined by area chefs to speak on trends in Sarasota County including small plates, South American cuisine influence, and a resurgence of South American wine.


On Small Plates:

Sean Murphy:
"People are coming back to dinner and it's not about having a meal any more … it's about an experience."

Paul Mattison:
"We started to do that when we opened the (Mattison's) City Grille. I did only a tapas menu … people still do the sharing thing a lot."

On South American cuisine and wine:

JP Knaggs:
"I was recently in Argentina and Chile on a wine buying trip, and thanks to Malbec, they've really put those places on the map … The interesting thing, more about Argentina than Chile is that there's a huge European influence there."

Arthur Lopes:
"So many of the wines are organic down there and they don't want to go through the three year application process in the U.S. to stamp that on their label, but there's a large amount of wine out there that's organic,"