Savor Sarasota Trends: Ethnic dining in Sarasota County

In this Savor Sarasota Trends video, Kristine Nickel is joined by Diego Malatesta of Jalea, Gianna Vastola of Café Americana and Giuseppe Prestia of Giuseppe's Café to speak on the rise of diversity and variety of culinary options available to patrons dining in Sarasota County.


Diego Malatesta:
"Jalea was born on July of 2013. It's actually the union of Sangria's tapas bar and Maemi. One is Spanish, one Peruvian. What we are trying to do here is present both cuisines ... We've got a delicious menu prepared for Savor Sarasota."

Gianna Vastola:
"(We will bring fresh flavor at Cafe Americano) By introducing all of the fresh ingredients … Everything freshly made here or imported if we can't make it here. Bringing it in, allowing our customers to sample those goodnesses that they try when they travel abroad."

Giuseppe Prestia:
"I was born and raised in Sicily, so while growing up everything was pretty much organic - fresh fruits, fresh fish, and fresh vegetables - and I kind of realized that we missed that concept here in Sarasota … We offer nothing but fresh pastas… all our meats and fish are fresh."

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