Savor This: MADE Seared Scallops over Grilled Cream Corn and Jalapeno "Risotto Style"

Savor Sarasota Restaurant Week is June 1 through the 14. We stopped by MADE, which is Modern American Delicious Eats, to get a taste of what they will be serving up this June. Learn how to prepare their “Seared Scallops over Grilled Cream Corn and Jalapeno “Risotto Style.”

Made makes many mouthwatering meals on Main Street Sarasota. Say that five times fast and try not to get hungry.

Each year the staff at Visit Sarasota County hungrily waits to see what modern American dishes mad-culinary-genius-and-owner Mark Woodruff will invent for Savor Sarasota Restaurant Week. Last year there was a mac-n-cheese with parmesan and gruyere cream sauce, jalapeno pest, smoked chick, Byron Chardonnay and Yuengling Lager and a four-meat meatloaf with billionaire bacon, roasted brisket, duck confit and ground beef.

This year’s creations look to match those deliciously rich meals. Check out Made’s recipe for their Savor Sarasota dish, “Seared Scallops over Grilled Cream Corn and Jalapeno “Risotto Style.”

Made: Seared Scallops over Grilled Cream Corn and Jalapeno “Risotto Style”


3 ears corn (oiled, seasoned with salt and pepper, grilled, and then cut off cob)
1 each red onion (small dice)
1 each fresh jalapeno (remove stems, keep seeds and rib if you want it a little spicy) small dice
1 cup white wine (something your drinking with dinner) a Sauvignon Blanc (Murphy Goode) or a sweeter Chardonnay (Sonoma Cutrer)
2 cups heavy cream
½ cup shredded parmesan cheese
12 each U-10 scallop skirt removed and completely DRY.
2 oz oil
3oz unsalted butter
Salt and pepper to taste


In a small saucepot add white wine and reduce by half
Add heavy cream to same saucepot and reduce by half then set aside
In a pre-heated 10” skillet over medium/high heat add 1oz of the oil then add diced red onion, jalapeno, and season with salt and pepper
Add grilled corn and toss together
Add 6oz of the wine and cream mixtures put back over heat, and reduce to the consistency of almost a soupy cream corn
Add ½ cup shredded parmesan cheese and taste for seasoning put back over low heat on the back of the stove
Season both sides of cleaned and dried scallops with salt and pepper
In another 10” preheated skillet (preferably cast iron) over HIGH heat add each scallop to skillet and hold down for a few seconds to get a nice sear on them.
Once you achieve a nice sear carefully flip scallops to the other side and follow same directions (hold each down for a few seconds)
Add the butter and kill the heat
Taste your creamed corn again for seasoning and make sure it’s hot
In large bowls evenly distribute the creamed corn between the two and put six scallops over the corn in each bowl
You can garnish with a touch more parmesan cheese and some micro greens