Fishing outlook for March 2016

As water begins to warm this spring fishing action will pick up. Good action should be in skinny water where bait fish are more plentiful, according to Captain Rick Grassett from CB’s Saltwater Outfitters.

Captain Rick Grassett’s forecast for March is positive. According to the captain, action should be good with redfish, sea trout, and snook in “skinny” water in March as baitfish become more plentiful. Spanish and king mackerel, cobia, tripetail and false albacore should be around in the coastal gulf. Lastly, night fishing in the intercoastal waters should be a good option to catch snook.

For night fishing, focus on shadow lines where light meets dark and fish strong tides for the best action. Snook may be also found in rivers, creeks or canals in March, as well as shallow flats on sunnu afternoons when it’s warm. Try using larger CAL jigs with jerk worms, CAL 4” Shad Tails, DOA Baitbusters and CAL Swimbaits or wide profile flies like Clousers, Deceivers and EP flies for those snook on flats.

While it is still early for tarpon, they may start to appear in backcountry areas. Capt. Grassett says these are usually adult resident fish that make their way out of rivers and creeks. Look for them in areas of Sarasota Bay, lower Tampa Bay or in Gasparilla Sound on some of the same deep grass flats where you find trout.

Last week, Capt. Grassett reported anglers on his charter caught and released more than 20 snook on a minnow fly.  Though bad mid-week weather blew out a couple charters, action at the end of the week returned with some big trout found in skinny water.

Read more fishing reports and learn more about March’s fishing forecast here.

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