2017 Sarasota's Spring Training Season

Enjoy Orioles spring training games this March at Ed Smith Stadium.

Orioles Spring Training in Sunny Sarasota returns this February with back to back away games Feb. 24 and 25 before opening the spring training season at home with a 1:05 p.m. game Feb. 26 versus crosstown spring training rivals, the Pittsburgh Pirates (whose facility is located in Bradenton.)

Learn about all the Orioles promotions. The Baltimore Orioles spring training schedule for 2017 is as follows. Note: schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Day     Date     Opponent     Location     Time
Friday     Feb. 24     Detroit Tigers     Lakeland     N/A
Saturday     Feb. 25     Pittsburgh Pirates (ss)     Bradenton     N/A
Sunday     Feb. 26     Pittsburgh Pirates     Sarasota     1:05
Monday     Feb. 27     New York Yankees     Sarasota     1:05
Tuesday     Feb. 28     Philadelphia Phillies     Clearwater     N/A
Wednesday     March 1     Boston Red Sox     Sarasota     1:05
Thursday     March 2     Minnesota Twins (ss)     Sarasota     1:05
Thursday     March 2     New York Yankees     Tampa     N/A
Friday     March 3     Pittsburgh Pirates     Bradenton     N/A
Saturday     March 4     Tampa Bay Rays     Port Charlotte     N/A
Sunday     March 5     Philadelphia Phillies (ss)     Sarasota     1:05
Monday     March 6     Detroit Tigers     Lakeland     N/A
Tuesday     March 7     Dominican Republic (WBC)     Sarasota     1:05
Wednesday     March 8     Toronto Blue Jays     Sarasota     1:05
Friday     March 10     Boston Red Sox     Fort Myers     N/A
Saturday     March 11     Pittsburgh Pirates     Sarasota     1:05
Sunday     March 12     Minnesota Twins (ss)     Fort Myers     N/A
Monday     March 13     Philadelphia Phillies     Sarasota     1:05
Tuesday     March 14     Tampa Bay Rays (ss)     Sarasota     1:05
Wednesday     March 15     Pittsburgh Pirates     Bradenton     N/A
Thursday     March 16     Philadelphia Phillies     Sarasota     7:05
Friday     March 17     Pittsburgh Pirates     Bradenton     N/A
Saturday     March 18     New York Yankees     Tampa     N/A 
Sunday     March 19     Detroit Tigers     Sarasota     1:05
Monday     March 20     Boston Red Sox     Fort Myers     N/A
Tuesday     March 21     Toronto Blue Jays     Sarasota     1:05
Wednesday     March 22     Tampa Bay Rays     Sarasota     7:05
Friday     March 24     Minnesota Twins     Fort Myers     N/A
Saturday     March 25     Minnesota Twins     Sarasota     7:05
Sunday     March 26     Toronto Blue Jays (ss)     Dunedin     N/A
Monday     March 27     Boston Red Sox     Sarasota     1:05
Tuesday     March 28     Atlanta Braves     Lake Buena Vista     N/A
Wednesday     March 29     Tampa Bay     Port Charlotte     N/A
Thursday     March 30     Detroit Tigers     Sarasota     1:05

Ed Smith Stadium is located at 2700 12th St., Sarasota. For more information on tickets and schedules, contact (941) 893-6300 or visit orioles.com/spring.

Apr 28, 2017
Sarasota Polo Club.  Photo credit: Robin Draper.
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